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Terms and Condition

  • By accessing, browsing or using this website, you agree to the terms, conditions and disclaimers. By purchasing an item advertised on this website, you agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions. Banglakutir may amend these Terms and Conditions from time to time and any amendment will become effective immediately. Your continued use of this website after amendment constitutes an agreement to abide by and be bound by these Terms and Conditions, as amended.
  • We always update our all the products with prices on everyday basis.
  • Cancellation of orders must be done no later than 48hrs prior to dispatch. We do not accept cancellations under any circumstances once the goods have left our premises.
  • We do not deliver any item without a valid phone number of the recipient. If a customer insists on delivering without phone number and we fail to locate the person or the location there will be no refund or partial refund due to customer assume the risk of making special request.
  • Please allow 48 hours for delivery of most items. If possible, please give us a better description of the delivery address and also the phone number of your recipient in the comments area of the Checkout. That will allow us to deliver your item promptly.
  • We do not issue any cash refund.
  • If the gift item is already delivered to your recipient then you are bound to pay at any cost.
  • Banglakutir will not be responsible for any swap,change,exchange of any gift item after the receipient has signed and receive the gift.
  • made by the customer, will not be a subject of refund.
  • If gifts like flowers, cakes, sweets etc. are not available in the respective city or town then Banglakutir may contact with the receiver or the owner of the gift ordered for any alternative option. Banglakutir reserves the right to take instant decision if the exact product is not available.
  • Delivery process will commence only after the approval and confirmation of your credit card.
  • For your privacy, Banglakutir committed not to disclose any of your personal information to any other person or third party without your permission.
  • While delivering, if the product is damaged or does not retain the original shape then Banglakutir is responsible to replace the damaged product with the same new product without any extra charge.
  • If the delivery process gets hindered for political instability in the country, Banglakutir will not be responsible for that.