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Chicken Kashmeri Kabab
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Title: Chicken Kashmeri Kabab

Code: Star 045

Source from : Banglakutir

Description :

Star Special Chicken Kashmeri Kabab Quater 6Pcs.

We provide the highest quality products available in the market.

Send this gift to your beloved in Bangladesh and show that you miss him/her every moment in your life.

Order Information: 2 days advance order required to delivery this item.

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 Name  Price/Unit  Quantity Total  
 Chicken Liver Jhal Fry
 US $4.99  
 Brain Masala
 US $5.49  
 Chicken Kashmeri Kabab
 US $15.49  
 Family Size 03
 US $43.99  
 Family Size 04
 US $10.99  
 Family Size 05
 US $16.99  
 Family Size 06
 US $16.99  
 Family Size 07
 US $27.49  
 Family Size 08
 US $19.99  
 Family Size 09
 US $27.99  
 Family Size 10
 US $27.99  
 Family Size 11
 US $20.99  
 Family Size 12
 US $30.99  
 Kachchi Birani (Half)
 US $3.99  
 Kachchi Birani (Full)
 US $6.99  
 Chicken Birani (Half)
 US $2.99  
 Chicken Birani (Full)
 US $5.49  
 Chicken Bhuna Khichuri (Half)
 US $2.99  
 Chicken Bhuna Khichuri (Full)
 US $5.49  
 Chicken Jhal Fry (Half)
 US $2.99  
 Chicken Jhal Fry (Full)
 US $4.99  
 Grill Chicken (1/4)
 US $2.99  
 Chicken Roll
 US $2.99  
 Mutton Roll
 US $3.49  
 Mutton Tehari (Half)
 US $2.99  
 Mutton Tehari (Full)
 US $5.49  
 Mutton Bhuna (Half)
 US $4.62  
 Mutton Bhuna (Full)
 US $9.99  
 Speacial Nan
 US $3.99  
 Special Grill Chicken
 US $5.99  
 Star Special Borhani
 US $2.99  
 Chicken Rashmi Kabab
 US $15.49  
 Beef Roll
 US $20.99  
 Star Mutton Boti Kabab
 US $17.99  
 Chicken Rashmi Kebab
 US $27.99  
 Beef Shish Kabab
 US $22.99  
 Mutton Botty Kabab
 US $26.99  
 Full Grill Chicken
 US $11.99  
 Star Parata
 US $3.99  
 Garlic Nan 2 pc
 US $2.99  
 Rupchada Fish Kabab
 US $6.99  
 Khiri Kabab
 US $16.99  
 Gurda Kabab
 US $11.49  
 Product Total: US$ 0.00