Banglakutir | Chicken roast
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Chicken Roast
Delivery Will Be Only Dhaka City Area At This Moment

Title: Chicken Roast

Code: FK 0004

Source from : Fakhruddin


Cooked Chicken mixed with gravy, fried onion, Tomato Catch-up with Secret Spice.

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Delivery Zone: At the moment we are delivering this product only in Dhaka city area without any cost.

Order Information:2 days advance order required to delivery this product.

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 Name  Price/Unit  Quantity Total  
 Beef Tehari (Full)
 US $11.99  
 Chicken Roast
 US $6.99  
 Kachchi Biryani 1 Plate
 US $11.99  
 Kachchi Biryani with Chicken Roast
 US $10.99  
 Kachchi Biryani with Kabab
 US $9.99  
 Tehari 1 Plate
 US $5.99  
 Kachchi Biryani with Coke 5 person
 US $43.99  
 Kacchi Biryani with Kabab Borhani 6 Person
 US $54.99  
 Kachchi Biryani with Zali kabab and borhani
 US $11.99  
 Chciken Roast 2Pcs
 US $5.99  
 Jali Kabab
 US $3.99  
 1 Ltr Borhani
 US $3.49  
 Fakhruddin Chicken Biriyani(Full)
 US $6.99  
 Fakruddin Firnee
 US $3.99  
 One Chicken Biriyani With Coke
 US $7.99  
 One Chicken Biriyani With Borhani
 US $7.99  
 Chicken Biriyani With Borhani 5 person
 US $38.99  
 Chicken Biriyani With Coke 5 person
 US $39.99  
 Kachi Biriyani With Chicken Roast 5 person
 US $54.99  
 Chicken Biriyani With Chicken Roast 5 person
 US $49.99  
 Kachi Biriyani With Grill Chicken Borhani 5 person
 US $54.99  
 Bamoti Kacchi Briyani for 2 Persons
 US $13.99  
 Product Total: US$ 0.00